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Scan of Greek revelation 1:8

I've heard that in the greek manuscript, the way that alpha and omega is written, is a bit suspect of being a copy of an aramaic original.

Why? Because the way the omega was written, looked like the Aramaic character, instead of a Greek character.

I cannot verify this, unless I see such a scan. Does anybody have access to such electronic scan of the greek vaticanus, sinaiticus etc?
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The page of Sinaiticus containing this verse is at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->,
1:8 is in the second column, line seven: "ego eimi to alfa kai ..."
Don't think this proves what you heard. Btw, Alef (i.e. Sinaiticus) is a whole lot of a scribal mess.

[EDIT: link to the image has changed at CSNTM, I've corrected it here]

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