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"Children of the Light"
distazo Wrote:What does this idiom exactly mean?

When we read Luke 16:8 and John 12:36 there is mention of 'become children of the light' for instance.

Luke 16:8 says: "The children of this world are wiser than the children of the light in their generation."

I cannot translate it well, since I don't understand it.

I think one can only understand this experientially. Many spritual men and women have pointed out that we live with two conflicting natures. St Paul certainly spelt this using the same or similar words IIRC. Paul also wrote about the spirit and the flesh.
One mind is heavenly the other earthly.
I would think that the children of light in Luke are those concerned and controlled by their earthly existence, their earthly needs and instincts. This is the nature of the flesh.
The steward in Luke 16 was very shrewd in seeing to his earthly needs, or his ego needs. But in doing so he missed out on the opprtunity to be a child of the light, to transcend being controlled by earthly things and to trust the Father of light to take care of him whilst he sought to grow in communion with God which is not necessarily being cut of from life but rather tackling everyday life hearing his Fathers voice rather than the fears and worries of the flesh.

That is my take anyway. So to use the language of light and dark is just another way to see the reality, which words can only represent, if taht makes sense.
IOW a literal translation is probably best IMHO

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