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Romans 12:19. What was Paul's source?
Akhayn Thirdwoe and Mike,

Mike, excellent summary on the pre-MSS quotes found in the NT. I've always thought that whenever the LXX and Peshitta agree against the MSS, unless there is clearly a reason to believe they both independently mistranslated the Hebrew, then that reading should be preferred...especially when the DSS or Targums bear witness as well. In all other cases the MSS should be primary.

Thirdwoe, below are links to the recent Excommunication of the former CoE bishop:

As you can see, the first link is in the original Aramaic which is the official language of the CoE, however since the language of the government in Iraq is Arabic, the document was immediately translated into Arabic so that the communities in Iraq (where this Synod was held), both Christian and Muslim, could read the decree in case they can't understand Aramaic.

I can imagine that it really was no different during the Apostolic age, and that since the language of the government was Greek these documents were either immediately translated by the authors or their companions, or else they were translated immediately upon arrival at their destination (in the case of the epistles). I can even imagine that the first translation of the Epistle to the Romans may have been Latin before even the Greek.
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