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Romans 12:19. What was Paul's source?

Thank you for that post Mike, and your gracious tone is a blessing to hear.

You look to be on the same overall track as I am with this...I think, like you, its quite possible that the Hebrew source used to translate into the Greek may indeed be the source for the New Testament quotes where they line up more closely with what we find in the MT of today.

What seems clear to me is that just like us today, who have many sources to look at, that the Apostles and their associates may as well have had similar resources when they sat down and wrote the New Testament books out...For instance when they quote an Old Testament passage, it is borne out that sometimes it lines up closer to the way the modern Hebrew MT text reads, sometimes the way the Septuagint reads, sometimes the Peshitta Old Testament, sometimes the Aramaic Targums, sometimes even the way the DSS reads.... and sometimes is even a unique rendering that just one or the other version has....and so it may be that they had then, something like what we have today...a number of source texts to cull from, and they, by the leading of The Holy Spirit, chose which one they saw as being most true.

Some may not like that idea, but I think it is naive to think that all they had to work with was one Hebrew or one Aramaic Old Testament text to translate from and that they dared not use the Greek, the Targums, or any another version that might have existed back then.

Also, it seems clear that at times the quote is more of a paraphrase or thought for thought translation, than a literal word for word translation that they go with...

Also, I want to make this clear...I have no hidden agenda here on this forum (not thinking that you were thinking this)...I am not trying to prove out which language the New Testament was originally written in at all, I am just investigating the whole matter...???Test all things, prove all things?????? and I am fairly new to all this really.

I sometimes even wonder if it could possibly be true that some of the New Testament books were penned both in Aramaic & Greek at the same time, perhaps by the same bilingual scribe, or maybe there we two employed... and sent out to the various Aramaic & Greek speaking gatherings at once...

To demonstrate this, it seems clear to me that the writer/writers of this verse in Romans 12:19, could not be using the same source text for the Old Testament quote here ???
Greek ??? Romans 12:19 Not avenging yourselves, beloved, but giving place to wrath, for it has been written, ???Vengeance is Mine,??? ???I will repay,??? says the Lord.
Peshitta - Romans 12:19 Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but give place to rage, for it is written: ???If you will not execute judgment for yourself, I shall execute your judgment, says God.

The Greek here seems to come straight from the Aramaic Targum of Deut 32:35 that we can read today, while the Aramaic Peshitta looks like it culls a few Old Testament verses into one, or if not, then quotes from an unknown source we can???t find today???.

Mr. Bauscher notes: The quotation is quite different in The Peshitta from that of the Greek and Latin versions. The Greek is a quote from Deut. 32:35 (not LXX, but Hebrew or Peshitta).The Peshitta text of this verse cannot have come from the Greek of this verse; it is not like any OT text that I can find in Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic.


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