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Romans 12:19. What was Paul's source?
February 28, 2009

According to the Preface in Lamsa's 1957 translation: "Manuscripts used in making this translation were the Codex Ambrosianus for the Old Testament and the so-called Mortimer-McCawley manuscript for the New Testament; the former is in the Ambrosian Library in Milan, Italy, and has been identified as fifth century A.D.; the latter ... has been variously identified as sixth or seventh century A.D. Comparisons have been had with the Peshitta manuscripts in the Morgan Library, New York, N.Y., with manuscripts in the Freer Collection, Washington, D.C., with the Urumiah edition, and with dated Biblical manuscripts in existence. Our translator [Lamsa] states that comparisons show no differences between these manuscripts, and that he has filled in the few missing portions of Chronicles from other authentic Peshitta sources...." [May 1957]

Also, remember that Lamsa (who studied in Anglican and Episcopal schools) loved the King James style and often adopted modernized versions of its wordings when they were consistent with his reading of the Peshitta.


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