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Romans 12:19. What was Paul's source?

The Greek translation at Romans 12:19 is a direct quote from the Targum for Deut 32:35 that much is clear, as it is word for word..."Vengeance is mine, I will repay...." in the Targum.

You can see this here: on page 668
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As to where the Peshitta quotes from, it is not known, there is no reading close to it in Aramaic, Greek, or the Dead Sea Scrolls, or the Targums...and my be what Stephen says...a thought for thought translation, and not a litteral word for word translation of the Deut 32:35

Peshitta - Romans 12:19 "...for it is written: ???If you will not execute judgment for yourself, I shall execute
your judgment, says God.???

I find it quite clear that the Greek translation was not translated from the Aramaic New Testament text here, but translates straight from the Targum of Deut 32:24 word for word...

And that is quite a revelation!

Think about this for awhile...


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