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Aramaic Primacy vs. the KJV Only Movement
Ok, here we go with a different muslim thing :

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The reason the orginal poster has raised the subject there was REALLY that some Muslims in India argue that Song of Songs 5:16 speaks about Muhhamad (the prophet obviously). No comments.
KJV onlyists are the most stubborn people to even talk to regarding ANYTHING of true scholarship. Even IF your going to argue Greek Primacy.

And like normal.... ALL CLAIMS and NO FACTs. (the KJV only way.

On a good note: the Irony of KJV onlyism is... it's a movement of Baptists and Oneness Pentecostals using an Bible translation that was translated, edited, and put together BY the Anglican church, FOR the Anglican Church, and AUTHORIZED BY an ANGLICAN KING (remember the kjv onlyists people believe that Anglicans aren't real Christians.).
i know exactly what you mean...

a girl from our youth group attended a KJV only church at the request of a friend, and after the service was over, the pastor noticed her Bible (obviously not KJV), asked to see it, and then attempted to give her money if she would give it to him, and he would even give her a "real" Bible, to boot. she literally had to pull her Bible out of his hands in order to get it back. she didn't go back.

i'm all about the freedom to have personal preferences in translations, but to be so adamant for your's and actively negative against others is just ludicrous! <!-- s:crazy: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/crazy.gif" alt=":crazy:" title="Crazy" /><!-- s:crazy: --> <!-- sConfusedtupid: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/withstupid.gif" alt="Confusedtupid:" title="Stupid" /><!-- sConfusedtupid: -->

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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