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Earliest known date attached to four Gospels
Shlama Akhi Thirdwoe

As Keefa said above, this is the manuscript of Mar Elia III (although other names also appear), the same that started the whole discussion. It contains 149 folios, and the references to the Gospel is on folio 140.

The problem was: when the author William Norton quoted this manuscript (see the very first post on this thread), he did not take into consideration that this manuscript contained only the reference, a copy of the colophon of the Gospel. I think W. Norton never checked the catalog to see what it was. And as I saw in other books that cite this manuscript, no other author has checked it, just copied the reference to the gospel from the catalog (I myself made the same mistake, I only looked over the inscription, not the entire description).

I hope this makes some sense...


Thirdwoe Wrote:...

Rafa says above:
Quote:So we can see a digital copy of the document that started this entire thread?! Wow that's cool. The actual autograph??? for 50 euros we get a digital copy? Pray for this one to be right Akhi Abudar....


Regarding your quote below, and Rafa's quote above, how is this Codex Syr. 91 the A.D. 78 Gospel Manuscript and not just the commentary that has the inscription alluding to the A.D. 78 Gospel?

Quote:Shlama Paul,

I think I made a mistake here.

A more complete description of this Codex Syr. 91 is here:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> ... 1968&REC=3

On the left menu, click Part 1 Volume 2, and then look for the page 489.

This is not the Gospel itself. I think it is a series of commentaries and homilies, mainly by an Elia III.

At the page 492 there is only the description of the inscription related to this Gospel of 78 A.D.

If I read correctly the latin, this description occurs in the folio 140 of the manuscript.

So we have here a manuscript with a copy of the inscription. The manuscript of the Gospel itself is elswhere.

Sorry for the mistake.


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