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Earliest known date attached to four Gospels
breekh saphro akh Phil,

Phil Wrote:So we have at least two witnesses to the Gospel (or Gospels):

The one who transcribed or compiled this manuscript (probably Mar Elia III) and Mor Makeekho.

Now I'm wondering if this Mor Makeekho, bishop of Gesluna, is indeed the same as Mar Makhikka Bar Shlemon, Patriarch of the CoE (1092-1110).

Unfortunately the catalog provides the information in little pieces. If we had access to the full manuscript we could fill the gaps.

I've found the possibility of two different places for getting a copy of the Mar Eliya III(Abu Halim ibn al-Hadithi) manuscript text (Collects and prayers for the whole year):
-Rylands Syr 27 dated 17th February AG 2051 = AD 1740
-Cambridge MSS; Add. 1978, [40], [56] and Add. 2038, [40].

I've sent a letter a few days ago to the John Rylands Libraray asking them how I can go about getting a copy, and I haven't heard from them yet.

If don't hear back from them, I'll try Cambridge next.

push bashlomo,

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