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Earliest known date attached to four Gospels
shlomo Thirdwoe,

Thirdwoe Wrote:Why is the Gospel of John not mentioned here?

In the Latin it has the continuation of the text:

Christis(Christ) Dominus(The Lord) dicit(says): Amen dico(I say to) vobis(you): apud(with) Johannem(John) vero(true) dicit(he says), Amen, Amen dico(I say to) vobis(you)

Then if we take the Syriac and the Latin:

Wherefore in every place says Matay, Marqos, and Luqo that the Lord Christ says: Amen I say to you;
With true John He says: Amen, Amen, I say to you.

So this may apply to the manuscript quotes in 48 and 49.

Thirdwoe Wrote:And what does "and the reset" mean?

It means that the author chose not to copy the whole quote, and is telling us there's more to follow.

I wish he had quoted the next part, which would have been very useful.

push bashlomo,

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