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Earliest known date attached to four Gospels
abudar2000 Wrote:So for some reason the Romans placed a Syriac Gospel on their Holy Altar:

Shlama Akhi Keefa,

This was definitely a CoE manuscript in a CoE church, although the area is named "Darta de Romaye". Before 1552 there was no presence of the Western Catholic Church within Mesopotamia and Persia.

In Baghdad there is an area called "Darta de'Romaye" in Aramaic ("Dar al-Rum" in Arabic), it is named that way because there is an ancient Greek palace there (from the days of Alexander). Sixteen of our Patriarchs were buried in there, from Mar Yokhanan III (893-899) up until Mar Eliyah II (1111-1132).

See this URL:

You can see here in the book the mention of the Church of Mar Sabrisho in the Suq-al-Talat quarter of Baghdad. This was a Patriarchal residence. This is the church my priest told me this manuscript was housed in by the Rassam family.
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