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New University Class on Aramaic

Quote:The University of Detroit Mercy, along with the Ishtar Cultural Center is happy to introduce a new program that explores the roots, history, and language of the Aramaic culture. Aramaic Studies is a comprehensive program dedicated to teaching students how to speak the Aramaic language, while allowing students to fullfil their language and cultural requirements at almost all Colleges or Universities. The program consists of two classes, Aramaic 110 and Advanced Culture 399, both allowing for the development of oral and verbal skills of the Aramaic language, as well as an introductory course on the culture and history of the Aramaic people. Students will be taught Syriac (eastern dialect of Aramaic,) with a brief overview of Estrangela (upper case) and Suryoyo (western dialect).
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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