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In my name = Aramaic Idiom? Matthew 18:5
The phrase 'do it in the name of' (in my name, in the name of a disciple etc) is often occuring in the NT.

For instance
Matthew 18:5: "Receive this child in my name..."
and 10:42 'whoever gives a glas refreshing water to one of these little ones, in name of a disciple...'

Would we take this literally?

Who -ever- would have said: "In name of Jeshua, I receive this child!"
Or: "In name of apostle Paul, I give you a refreshing glass of water!"

(Whoever says something like that seriously, might think he/she can earn the kingdom by good deeds).


Would 'in my name' not just mean: "In my way" or 'like I did'

So, Who receives this child, like I did, will inherit the kingdom...


Who shares gifts and deads of charity, does it in the way of Paul (for instance). Nobody, would utter the name of a disciple of Jesus, and share charity, or would it?

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