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Simple Question
Hi all. I want to ask some questions so please bare with me, I'm unlearned (is that a real word?)

I was wondering about verses that say "God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ" And also how do I answer questions about Jesus being God, yet praying to the father?

Also wondering if anyone here ever heard of a man named William Branham who taught that Jesus was God and God could express himself in a Body as he could in a burning bush, a dove ETC. That Christ was the second adam, therefore human yet without sin, and that God who is Spirit just filled the vessel (I hope I have stated his position correctly...

Concerning the woman and manchild in the 12th CH of Revelation, some say it is the bride (manchild) hidden within the woman, the invisible bride hidden within the large and visible church. That it is not mary or Israel or jesus, since the first chapter says its a book of prophecy (future events)

Then lastly has anyone here heard of his teaching on genesis called serpent seed? Do you think it has any basis for truth?
Thank You.

I'll give a link for your investigation in case your curious.
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welcome to the forum!
in case you weren't aware of it, theological discussions are not the focus of this forum. if you're interested in the CoE's stance on your questions, try visiting the link provided here:, or for other Peshitta-related topics, you might try:

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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