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Murdock explains it all! (Pt 2)
Shlama Akhi Otto,

While we can't know this precisely, I can say I agree with Stephen Silver. Murdock was under pressure during his life and he got assailed after his death for his views too. By the time he did his translation, Murdock was in his 80's and had done almost everything a bible scholar could have done in his period. His life story is quite remarkable.

But in the 1915 ninth edition that I gave a link for yesterday there was a new preface by a guy writing almost 50 years after Murdock had died. This new scholar was very erudite in many ways and brought a impressive case to bear for the greater sutdy of the Aramaic NT. But, at the same time, he also tried to show why Murdock had a "limited view" because of all the new mss they had found since Murdock died. Read between the lines a bit though and you will see the implication being though "we are kind of backing away from the Aramaic NT primacist position of Murdock".

I see Murdock himself being very careful to praise the Greek NT for his audience but slipping in his real message about "oldest surviving NT" if not original NT as Peshitta. It is also very evident that he identified with the Aramaic assemblies that he knew of and has a lot of praise for both Jewish and Aramaic Christian scholarship.

Finally, remember that this has happened since Murdock too. While Harper Collins did not ask Lamsa to water down his clear Peshitta primacist views, they did suppress his original notes that clearly documented the differences between KJV and the Peshitta, and I only found those notes in the ABS Reprint of 1998, 25 years after Lamsa had died. It seems that for Harper Collins, just testifying to how the text contrasts with what they knew was dangerous. How much more entrenched would these same prejudices been in Murdock's day almost a century earlier?
Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth

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