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Anyone else having Problems sending private msgs

I have sent about 4 private messeges to people since I have been a member of this forum but I never receive a response. Are my PM's going through?? I have checked inside my personal folder and verified under "sent messeges" that they have been sent. What could be going on here??

When I get on the public forum though everyone usually responds back to me. I was just wondering if I am the only one having problems in sending my PM's.


Hey Mike and all,

Just as an FYI - there is a limit to the number of PMs that people can have. If their mailbox is full, the messages that are waiting for them are on hold and will not get released until they delete the older messages. I think the INBOX is limited to 50 messages. There is a warning message on top that should alter the recipient that the mailbox is full and there are others waiting in the queue.

I know because it happens to me all the time. I would advise everyone to check your mailbox to make sure this is not the case, otherwise you may be missing messages that are on hold.
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