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Aramaic Primacy vis-a-vis Greek Primacy
Shlama Khulkon:
There are 550 members on <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->. These members represent a plethora of belief systems in the world. Nazarene Judaism and the CoE are well represented and quite vocal. Protestant Christians are less vocal but strongly represented in the membership. The most controvercial subjects that are posted are between Aramaic Primacy vis-a-vis Greek Primacy. It is Protestant Christianity that has dumped Jerome's Latin text in favour of Erasmus' Textus Receptus (Greek New Testament). Since then the Greek New Testament has come to represent Protestant Christianity. Personally, I am a non-denominational Protestant Christian, but I'm an Aramaic Primacist (+Greek W-5). The purpose of all of these discussions is to uncover the intrinsic New Testament Gospel of Meshikha/Christ with all of it's nuances and semitic idioms.
It is my sincere hope that some of the members that have not contributed to the various discussions will not feel the least bit intimidated by the breadth and scope of the scholarly discussions that are presented. Being human none of us are perfect or have all of the answers. But each of us have some answers. Blessed is the one that realizes this and uses his talents.
The Greek New Testament has for 400 years dominated Protestant Christianity. Virtually all Protestant New Testament scholarship defers to the Greek New Testament. However, for 1000 years prior to the Reformation the Latin Vulgate was used exclusively by the Catholic Church (Christendom).
There are problems with translations from one language to another, especially when the two languages don't share common roots. The choices of cognates used to bridge the meaning of Semitic languages such as Hebrew/Aramaic with Greek/Latin/English is a daunting task. That's why there are so many translations into other languages. Jesus (Yeshua) spoke Aramaic, not Greek. So also did his disciples. The apostles were all fluent in Aramaic and Hebrew because they were Jews. The necessity of translations became apparent with the increased flow of Gentiles into the Church from the time of Cornelius' conversion. (Acts 10)
So, that's my blurb. The forum moderators, including myself are here to ensure that everyone get's an opportunity to speak up and make a contribution, whether pro or con concerning Aramaic Primacy. Be prepared to enter into scholarly discussions that will increase your knowledge of the New Testament. The moderators are hand picked; a sampling of the spectrum of beliefs, represented by the membership. This is our forum for Aramaic Primacy. Make the best use of it.

(forum moderator)
Nice intro there akhi Stephen <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

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