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The Belief-O-Matic Quiz - Share your results
Dear Christina,

I remembered how you said that you felt that I could move between various types of Faith.........

And that's very true.

I could easily move between the Conservative Friends (Quakers), "Celtic Christians", Church of God (Seventh Day), and Messianic Judaism, Charismatic Anglicanism, and perhaps The Church of the East (although they wouldn't take me though, because I've been divorced).

I've also (in the past) studied philosophical Taoism, via the Tao Te Ching, and Native American Spirituality.

I love these still, but I'm a Believer in Messiah Yeshua, and a lot of Native American Spirituality is very near to real old time British paganism, so I try to admire the Native American people, and not get tangled up in paganism.

I CAN say that the Tao Te Ching taught me to live pretty much in the NOW, which seems a very hard thing for most Americans to do.

I'm very thankful that I learned this valuable lesson.

And in my spiritual wanderings I also learned that "thoughts are things", and that what you put into your head, is what you get more of!

I was pondering all of this, and I wanted to share it with you and others on the Forum.

Shlama, Albion

P.S. I thought of this too.......

Usually when Maran Yeshua was gonna heal someone, He asked them "What would you have Me to do for you?" And then He would basically tell them that THEY had to have the Faith to accept the healing from Him, so part of the healing was incumbent on the person being healed,to have the FAITH TO BE HEALED.

I like that, that WE have a real part in the workings of The Kingdom.

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