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So what difference does Aramaic primacy really make?
Dear Fr. John,

You seem to be suggesting that it would be more comfortable for the Church to stick with the Greek New Testament versions and avoid the hassle of recognizing the primacy and superiority and of the Aramaic New Testament because it doesn't make much difference with respect to salvation.

The Gospel message is quite redundant in the New Testament and cannot be avoided by the reader. We are called to believe in the Messiah about 50 times. It is hard to miss, and people are brought to Him even with the somewhat variable English translations of the somewhat flawed Greek texts.

But, there is an important ancillary issue. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God! Shouldn't we be promoting the most accurate rendition of God's Word? From what are we hiding?

Pastors and priests study Greek so they can rightly interpret God's Word. It seems to me that to accurately discharge this duty requires the best possible transcription of the New Testament. I have heard many sermons based on some variations in meaning of some Greek words from some lexicon. What good is such an explication of Greek words when the Gospel is semitic?

Since the Greek texts are translations of the original, they are going to have imprecise and even misleading variations from the original text. We may be comfortable with our old dogma but we should not take acceptance of the Greek NT texts as a matter of faith. I believe that we should strive to come closer to the Messiah and the Apostles in their own words.



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