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The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church
Ooh, history of Dhimnitude, now that's right up my alley. Where can I find info on this Tamerlane dude?
Shlama Christina,

Christina Wrote:Ooh, history of Dhimnitude, now that's right up my alley. Where can I find info on this Tamerlane dude?

His name is also sometimes spelled "Timur", or "Timur Lenk (Timur the lame)".

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See page 23 (incl. footnotes) here:

And also:

Quote:The situation was ripe for the next conqueror to sweep in from the East: Timur (1336-1405), known in the West as Tamerlane. For the Nestorians, the writing was on the wall.

It was Timur who effectively dealt the death blow to the Nestorian church.[155] A Mongol-Turk and a fanatical Muslim, he dreamed of an empire that would surpass that of Chingiz Khan, ruled from his capital of Samarkand. At his death, his realm stretched from Syria in the west to Chinese Turkestan in the east, from Delhi in the south to the gates of Moscow in the north. When he was finished his work of conquering Asia, only the church in Malabar would be left standing, and this only because his campaigns did not reach that far south into India. In his barbarous campaign of conquest, he wiped out most of what remained of the church in Central Asia and Persia. Hundreds of thousands of Christians, Muslims, Hindus and pagans were indiscriminately slaughtered as his troops burned whole cities and left pyramids of skulls as a testimony to their military prowess.[156] It was a mortal wound from which the Church of the East would never recover. Unfortunately, the tumultuous atmosphere of the time provided little opportunity for writing historical accounts, so virtually nothing is known of what happened to the church during this period. At the same time, many earlier documents of the church were destroyed in the carnage.
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