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Acts 1:5 to Acts 11:16 translational problem.
Anyone may help me with this if they are able but I should mainly address this question to Paul on his translation from Aramaic to English in his interlinear. The translation of Acts 1:5, words of Y'shua to the Apostles is evidently repeated by Peter in Acts 11:16. But in the blue, Paul's English translation(Acts 11:16) seems to read, ". . .but you shall baptize in the Holy S. . ." seeming to say that Y'shua baptizes in the Holy S. in Acts 1:5 but in Acts 11:16 reads that Peter baptizes the Gentiles in the Holy S." Have I gone wrong somewhere here?? I think I must have. Or Paul did not write the words in the correct order??


Mike Karoules

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