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To Dave Bauscher
Dear Dave,

I've thought of writing this for several days, but I wanted to wait to sort of sift through all of my feelings.

I'm not "an angry brother".

I'm really only angry at one person, and he's not YOU.

You already know most of that story.

Let me tell you this which you don't know though.

I had a Baptist Pastor hit on me in a homosexual way in my Junior High School years (after my Baptism no less).

That's effected me for years, especially about Baptist's of ANY strain.

Secondly, I was thrown out of a Baptist church where I attended with an old girl friend of mine because she raised her hands in Praise in a non-Charismatic setting, i.e., in this particular Baptist Church.

Probably either of these two things could have happened to me in ANY "church" in America, but in these two case's, it was a BAPTIST Church.

No Junior High School student is equipped to handle what happened to me at that man's hands, or at least none that I know of.

We've been over every other issue that we disagree about already. I may at times vehemently disagree with your theology.

I take issue with some (perhaps MOST) of your "code" stuff, but I'm not the angry person that you think.

Misunderstood, maybe, but that's par for the course, in Life 101, it seems.

Some part of that Junior High Schooler is still healing, it may take the rest of my life to heal completely, and if it DOES, that's really OK.

I could have, and should have, found a better way to have handled the dark spiritual attack that has been thrown at me, this I admit.

But spiritual warfare is LEARNED, and usually it seems to come custom designed, one lesson at a time.

For what it's worth..............Shlama in Yeshua, Albion
Thank you Albion. That helps me to understand better.
You can feel free to PM me about this personal background, if you like. I think you will find me very understanding and compassionate.

I have not been a Baptist for over 25 years, just for the record. I do not identify with any particular denomination. The church I pastor is a small house church.
I do not seek to build a large church. I seek to publish The Peshitta and translation along with The Gospel message to the world. I want everyone to know Yeshua and His Kingdom in this life.



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