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Biblical Aramaic
So I was doing a search on biblical aramaic, in particular looking for Ezra 4:8???6:18 and 7:12???26, Daniel 2:4b???7:28, Jeremiah 10:11, and Genesis 31:47 in Aramaic; and I have found no site that can give me the original Aramaic translations of these verses. If you are wondering why I am looking for them....its really a curiosity thing. I'm not much a scholar of any kind. I have very little knowledge on the original text of the Bible. However, as I understand it the Old testament is generally considered to be written almost entirely in Hebrew, with exceptions to the few verses I mentioned. I would just like to see how these passages look in Aramaic. I bought Old testament book in Hebrew, but it appears to be all Hebrew and no sign of Aramaic.

I notice on this site there is a trilinear Targum, which I would think should show me the Aramaic of the books of the bible. And speaking of which, I notice it has 3 lines per verse, the third of which being English. Am I right in thinking the first is Hebrew and the second is Aramaic? If so, I could use this to see how the Aramaic differes from the Hebrew, BUT I dont see Ezra or Daniel? Can someone tell me why they were omitted? If not, can someone tell me where to find the verses I am looking for in Biblical Aramaic?
If you have a Hebrew OT it has these sections in Aramaic. They use the same script for both, and the differences are slight. I know virtually no Aramaic, but this Aramaic is similar enough to Hebrew that I can decipher a good bit of it just from the Hebrew I know.
awesome, thanks for info.

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