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From Albion
I consider this list my family.

Like all families, we may sometimes disagree.

Like some families, we also have some pretty strong competing ego's here, as well.

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I'm gonna say this here, to my family. I said it to Andrew, but he apparently NEVER got it.

I've got some heart disease, and I have a chronic pain and a connective tissue disorder called 'Fibromyalgia' as well.

I've also got a pretty good case of Obstructive Sleep Apnea that is worse than is normally seen, and it's difficult to treat in the common way.

Both Cornoary Artery Disease, and severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea are nothing to take lightly, and I'd ask your prayers for those as well as for my Fibromyalgia.

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Please pray for me, and for my wife, who is my helper in all of this, her name is 'Sandy'.

Thank you.

Paul, I sure hope that you don't mind that I ask for prayer here.

Apologies if I'm breaking one of the rules by doing so.

Thank you my friends.

Shlama in Maran Yeshua, Albion
Shlama Akhi Albion,

I had NO IDEA man, trust me. I think you mentioned a hospital stay here on the forum but only very breifly and it did not sound too serious from your desciption. You moved on so fast from there that I thought you were better. Getting those PMs on the matter would have helped.

I do not know much about the other things here, but I will say this. YHWH blesses those who bless us and curses those who curse us. As far as I am concerned, I have perfect faith that YHWH will recompense all things that impede us.

In the last two months, my publisher's father almost got killed in a car accident, my proofreader in chief had to have surgery to deal with un relenting joint pain, and my own wife almost died three weeks ago in her own car accident---a 40 mile an hour head on collision. If you saw the tangled mess that was my Honda Accord you would not believe she survived it. If she had taken my other car--the one with only seatbelts and no airbags, I would have just concluded sitting shiva (mourning) for her. Oh, and I also got a bout of food poisoning that left me nearly paralyzed for two days, keep forgetting that one.

My point is, I rebuke all such works of the Enemy. Y'shua our Nazraya (victorious one) has power over all agents of evil, whether they be of flesh, spirit, or both. I put my life in he who has overcome death. I put my soul in the care of him who fights for me and for all believers.

I will not swear--for such is forbidden--but I will say my rebuke in the strongest NO Aramaic affords--KHES!--may it never be-- that the Enemy holds either of us back. I call on the holy name of Abba Yahweh through the healing ministry of His Son Y'shua the Messiah to heal us all. And may all judgments by the Enemy's agent be meted out switfly, completely and within our days.

Hodu l'Yahweh kee tov. Kee lay ohlam keez-doh. Chazak, chazak, venitchazak, Ve'imroo awmayn!

Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth
my dearest brother Albion,

though I am not qualified to contribute to the discussion on any of the forums that I eagerly read daily, I would like to encourage you.

I too, am recovering from a heart condition, and have a serious sleep apneoa dis-order and use a CPAP machine to sleep. [ average 87 apnea's per hour under clinical testing]

Since I joined the Peshitta.Org list I read every new post, and am familar with all the posted dialogue on all forums since I registered.

I hope that you draw some comfort knowing that a fellow sufferer, ... from the furtherest reaches of the southern hemisphere, is prayerfully interested in all that you have written, and is praying for you.

I am very sorry for all of your medical and other problems. I'll definitely be praying for you.

Shalom uvrachoth,

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