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To Rungold
Shlama Akhi Rungold,

I've thought some more about the subject of 'a young Earth', vs. an 'old Earth', and I wanted to say this not in your thread, because it encompasses more than just that subject.

You know, I've only spent time looking into things that directly affect myself, and my family's life for the last few years.

I just haven't given your subject any thought in many years, since I used to drive a public school bus in Albuquerque, N.M., in fact.

There was a Christian young man there that loaned me a book that refuted evolution (or so my friend thought) when we got to talking about dinosaurs one day.

I personally believe "that life will find a way" (Jeff Goldblum...."Jurassic Park") for example, why is it that Prairie Rattlesnakes are pinkish colored in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, to give them a perfect camoflage against the Grand Canyon colors......but NORMALLY Prairie Rattlesnakes are a brownish to dark copperish (sort of) colored everywhere else?

This is NOT really "evolution" at all, but life adjusting to conditions.

But how LONG it took for these Rattlesnakes to achieve this color, now there's another story!

Onward through the fog!

My longing for knowledge is to understand the Bible better so I can LIVE MORE LIKE MESSIAH LIVES, and LIVED, when He was here upon Earth in a body like ours.

I see the "Christian world" sadly lacking in compassion, and in understanding the human condition.

I have not one doubt that if Messiah showed up in the flesh tomorrow morning on Earth again (teaching as He did the first time.....and NOT as King Messiah), that he would have the "Christians" after Him, and it would be the same outcome that it was 2,000 years ago.

I don't spend a lot of time thinking about things that will not advance me learning to be a better Believer than I was today, and yesterday.

How can I learn to be MORE LOVING and help the Kingdom to advance here on Earth?

How can I spread Peace, and enhance Messiah's Movement here on Earth?

How can I be a BETTER human being, and a better husband, and a better father??

I think that SOME Christians have a kind of "Biblotry".


I don't think that this is as much of a problem in Sacramental Churches, as it is in some Protestant Churches.

I DO NOT think that we are called to Worship a book, Peshitta, or otherwise.

Our Relationship is with MarYah, The Living God. I can't say it any better than THAT.
Am I in ANY WAY negating the Bible, NO, NOT IN ANY WAY!

I have to think every day "How will I use my energy TODAY?"

And I rarely spend time on things that will not help the part of The Journey that I am now on.

As life moves on, I think that I would like to help people who are ensnared by the occult and the New Age (nothing really NEW about it though!).

This is a very difficult "ministry" and requires REAL COMPASSION, AND REAL LOVE, poured out by an unselfish heart.

I'm NOT to the point where I want to be, in my Walk with Messiah, and I have a lot of human problems, just like the next person, but I'm learning.

I guess in my world (pun intended), a young Earth, or an old Earth, doesn't really matter.

Either way, it won't help me be less judgemental, or more compassionate, and Loving.

I hope that that in itself, is NOT selfish, but if you knew me in real time or IRL (in real life), you might understand me better.

That's one reason why I'm so anxious for Akhan Andrew's New Covenant, because I honestly think that it might help my spiritual Walk with Messiah.

My Ha lak ah, I think it is, in Hebrew.

Two chapters of the Gospels a night, will pretty much CURE ANYTHING! <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->
Well, I hope my rant here helps you to understand my position a little better.

In The Way of Yeshua, the Nazarene, Albion
Greetings sir. I agree bettering ourselves is more important than little issues which would be "straining at a gnat, yet swallowing a camel." But there are some issues that just NEED to be discussed, and I"m glad we did that here. I too hope one day in my future (not these days as a young, lust filled college student), I will be able to shape up and live as Messiah did. I just better hope that theif in the night parable doesnt come crashing down on me.

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