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Another Mari/PEACE Question
My Brother Andrew,

Have you, or your publishers, decided on a PRICE for Mari/PEACE yet?

Thanks for your work!

Shlama, Albion
I also have question for you akhi Andrew:

Will MARI/P.E.A.C.E be available in eletronic format too? I live outside the US and shipping books to my country is expensive. BTW I've got Ruach Qadim & Ruach Qadim: The Path to Life. Good job!

Can't wait till Pesach!
Shlama all--

Akhi Albion, two things:

1) Still trying to figure out the price, but we are trying to keep it in one volume and affordable. I promise once I know I will send word.

2) I should point out that there have been Peshitta translations since Lamsa's but before mine--namely Reverend Bauscher's and Janet Magierra's. I think what you mean is in terms of using the Eastern text exclusively for the 22 books--yes I guess I am the first since Lamsa. The Western 5 sources for all of us though I think are from the Mosul Text.

Khati Christina, I will ask my publisher about this. At this moment I know of no plans for electronic editons but I will see about it as you and some others have been asking.

Akhi Rafa, I appreciate your enthusiasm--but I am sure there will be plenty of controversial things going on with Mari/PEACE that conventional promotion will be sufficient.

Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth
Dear Andrew,

Here's what I was TRYING to say.

Murdock, Etheridge, The Way International Translation Team, Pashka, Magiera and Bauscher, ALL OF THEM used the Western PeshittO text to translate from.

ONLY George Lamsa, Victor Alexander, and Paul Younan, translated from the Eastern Peshitta text.

Of that small club, ONLY LAMSA provided us with a COMPLETE New Covenant.

YOU will be the FIRST ONE SINCE Lamsa to translate a COMPLETE New Covenant from the Eastern text of the P'shitta New Covenant.

This will be the first complete Eastern P'shitta New Covenant to be published IN 73 YEARS, this is an HISTORIC occasion, and Akhi Andrew is a kind of 'pioneer' on the cutting edge of Biblical Translation.

In fact, Rafa maybe exactly right, that for the first time in 1300 YEARS the Messianic/Nazarene/'Christian' movement will have a complete New Covenant, that actually closely resembles their own ancient New Covenant P'shitta! AMAZING!

"One small step for Andrew, one giant leap for BIBLE TRANSLATION!"**

THIS is exactly what I was trying to say (I THINK) <!-- sConfusedarcasm: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/sarcasm.gif" alt="Confusedarcasm:" title="Sarcasm" /><!-- sConfusedarcasm: --> .

Thanks for your post Andrew, we'll stay tuned!

Shlama in Yeshua, Albion

**P.S. And by borrowing this Neil Armstrong quote, I intend IN NO WAY, to minimize Akhi Andrew's literal, YEARS OF WORK on Mari/PEACE!

"There's a very thin line between paranoia, and preparedness".
Jay Jeter
Dear brother Anderew in Yashua,Berek Alaha! I'm very fond of and treasure your fantastic AENT,but I am troubled by the fact that you have translated the word for cross into stake-ala Jehovah's wittnesses style when it is a historical fact even outside the Holy Gospels and New Testament that the Romans "Crucified their victims on a horizontal beam through the wrists which was affixed to an upright beam where the feet would be nailed through.There was also a small type of foot rest that would be used by the victim to help take off some of the tremendous pressure that was put on the lungs-diaphram from the wieght of the body being supported by the nailed,out streched arms through the wrists.Just because the cross is a very holy symbol of our redemption from the traditional Apostolic Christian approach does not invalidate it as the most ancient of churches,the Church of the East and the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox churches,as well as the Eastern and latin Rite Catholic churches have all always venerated the cross as the instrument of redemption.Besides the obvious it symbolises the uniting of the heavenly kingdom with the earthly among many other things.Only you have translated the obvious word for cross into stake which I think,which is I'm sure obvious to all,that this is because of your own Netzari-Jewish faith.I have great respect for Jewish Christians and the Jewish faith in general as MarYah choose the Jews to be the human vehicle through which He chose to reveal Himself through,first through Himself and the prophets,and ultimately through His only begotten Son,MarYah the Word-Miltha,Yashua Msheekha our Lord,God and Saviour.As our Mari said to the Samaritan women salvation is from the Judeans.Through the Judeans first and then to the world,all nations. You have unfairly critisized in your introduction not only the Church of the East,but also the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox churches,including the Syrian Orthodox church,which are virtually identical to the Holy Church of the East Theologically despite what happened at the council of Ephesus as this was purely a conflict of politics and semantics.It was Mar Nestorius's Christology which properly was victorius at the council of Chalcedon although many Eastern Orthodox would try to deny this reality.I love your trans but would use it more if I wasnt so troubled by your translating cross as stake.Also,Mary remained a virgin.Apostolic tradition teaches that Joseph was an elderly widower at the time of his betrothal to Mary as is shown in the ancient proto-evangelion of James.The brothers and sisters referred to in the gospels are the children of Joseph from his previous marriage.This is why our Mari Yashua bequeathed Mary to St.John's care upon the cross.This proves that Mary had no other children.It is very obvious.I know you are very close to D.Paul Younan.He could point out these things for you.I only state these things directly as you make some substantial errors in the area of ecclesiastical history which you have stated directly which can be missleading to some who dont know. The shroud of Turin has been shown to be nonother than the very image that Thadddeus brought to heal King Akbar with.The shroud has always been kept,up untill the last millineum,folded and with only our Mari's face showing.This is exactly as described in the doctrine of Addai.It was kept in the archway of the entrance to Eddesa until it made its way to Byzantium where it became the prototype of all Eastern and Oriental Orthodox iconography.During the crusades it was stolen by a knight from the west and made its way to Europe where it has been ever since.It is the most studied object in scientific history and has baffled the most skeptical scientists.The carbon dating has been proven false as the fibers tested were from the patch work made by nuns after the great fire it was involved in which also altered the carbon dating.The only way the perfect,photographic negative image could have gotten on there was from a burst of subatomic nuclear energy beyond anything imanginable.Forensic exsperts have also pointed to the details that cannot be the work of human hands.I know you object to images but since God became man in our Lord,God and Saviour Yashua Msheekha,mankind and creation have been sanctified and renewed.Statuary and such are forbidden but 2 dimensional icons are permitted as they point to the incarnation and it is our Mari who is honoured in the icon,not the wood and paint.MarYah Himself described to a tee how Moses was to have constructed the 2 images of the Cherabim to cover the mercy seat as well as the Cherubim to be embroided on the veils and the walls.In Yashua,D.Michael.

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