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**Attention Paul Younan**
Dear Paul,

I was going to write this to you privately, but I don't know if you'll get it or not.

So, I wrote it here.

First thing, I spent AN HOUR AND A HALF answering Otto's 'Lamsa' post, with my 'Albion' ID, starting this morning about 10:00 AM (CST).

Till about an hour to hour and a half later.

If someone ELSE signed in or out during this period using my ID, it WASN'T ME.

I did this on my wife's Windoze Computer which I'm 99 and nine tenth's percent certain, has a keylogger on it.

I have Fibromyalgia (just Google it) in a severe and chronic way, which mostly comes from all the surgeries that I've had.

My health is a disaster, but this is not to complain, but an hour and a half is A LOT of energy expended when one has Fibromyalgia.

I was absolutely SURE to sign-in BEFORE I started writing the post to Otto.

If my wife's computer DOES have a keylogger on it, as I suspect, then my 'Albion' ID password has been compromised.

As I finished writing the post, then I had to sign back in (again), and my post (which should have still been there) disappears into cyberspace.

Instead of thinking that I am paranoid, why don't you look and see if SOMEONE ELSE used my 'Albion' ID, to sign-in with, BESIDES ME.

There must be a way to do this, and you already know who to look for, and where their IP address is from.

I've hung out here at all day long on one sign in, and written more than one post BEFORE, but then I was on a Mac Computer, which had NO keylogger on it.

This has never happened before.

Take a chance, and just see if someone else is using my ID.

If they can use MY ID, then they can use anyone else's too, at least if they are using a Windows Computer, they can.

Thanks, and please let me know the outcome of this.

Shlama, Albion
Hi Akhi Albion,

Like a banking website, your login session on this forum has a time limit. If you're typing something for an long period of time, be sure to save it before posting. These forums have built-in time limits, after that your session expires and your post will be lost.

Save frequently and don't assume you are still logged in if something takes any longer than 10 minutes.


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