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Parthia and the COE ?

Very interesting site, Rafa with lots of information.

shlomo Rafa,

Rafa Wrote:Look at this:

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This looked really interesting, so Parthia might have been one of the many early convert nations of the COE and also close descendants of the twelve tribes. I especially liked that bit on the possible real origins of the Carthaginian empire being Israelites during Elijah's time who tried to escape the drought and founded a colony in North Africa.

-The people of Carthage were a colony of the Canaanites that originated from Canaanite-Lebanon (AKA Phoenicia.)
-The word Punic is another word for Phoenician.
-The Parthia spoke Persian and were from Persia.

push bashlomo,

You wrote:

Quote:The author's "hypothesis" was that the Carthaginians were the Israelites who fled the draught caused by Elijah's curse. [emphasis added]

What's more: there???s apparently some Biblical support for the distinction you're alluding to.

Case in point:

Quote:???During Yahushua Messiah???s ministry, Matthew 10:6 states that he sent his twelve apostles ???to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.??? Biblical references to the House of Israel identify the ten tribes of Israel, not the Jews (who were called the House of Judah). Since Yahushua Messiah commissioned his apostles to go to the descendants of the ten tribes of Israel, it is clear that Yahushua knew that the Israelites could be found in specific homelands at that time. Also, the apostles expressed no surprise at this commission as not one of them said: ???No one knows where the ten tribes are!??? or ???They were all ???lost??? long ago!???[???]

All theories aside, this scriptural distinction between the ???House of Israel??? and the ???House of Judah??? may indeed suggest, as the author implies, that not all Israelis of the Biblical era(s) were Jews.

Interesting stuff.

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