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The Way International And The Downfall Of James Scott Trimm
But notice Akhi Albion, all the problems in the past between James Trimm and I as far as the disagreements we had, but not once did I accuse him of a crime or delve into intimate, private details of his personal life.

We have to be very careful here, because...forget about the liability issue, these are serious accusations and our Lord does not want us to take these things lightly. I know you're not saying these things lightly, and that you first tried to take the issues to Mr. Trimm directly.

But notice even in my posts about the ex-bishop, Ashur Soro, I only posted these things after a US Court came to these conclusions. So everything presented in that thread on "Plan G" is factual and sworn testimony in a court of law. I cannot be accused of "lashon hara" or "libel".

I don't know if James plagiarized any work or not, I don't have his HRV and refuse to waste a penny on it after realizing the man has no clue about this subject matter.....but until the time when a court (be it civil or criminal) decides he did plagiarize something, it's improper both religiously and civilly to make that accusation as if it is indeed fact. For now, it's a matter between him and The Way International.

I know Ms. Kern, have spoken to her multiple times in the past. She's sent me many private evidences related to this topic in the mail which I have purposely not put up on any public forum, because it's NOT the right thing to do.

James has been a distraction in the past to our work here, let's not allow him to become one again.
I am going to reply to both Andrew and Albion via PM. If you wish to know what I said to them, feel free to ask them.

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