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'An Oldie But A Goody' A Review By Andrew Gabriel Roth
Aramaic New Covenant Bible with Hebrew Translation, October 27, 2001 By Andrew Gabriel Roth

As someone who has studied Hebrew all his life and researched the Aramaic New Testament for the better part of a decade, I can tell everyone here that there is no better scholarly resource out there for preserving these sacred teachings of the Messiah in his native language. For myself, I love reading the original Aramaic script (called "estrangelo"), but I know that most of my colleagues don't know it and are most comfortable in conventional pointed Hebrew. That is where this book comes in. For the sincere student who knows how to read and understand Hebrew but who does not know any Aramaic, this is the ideal resource. The entire work is in the pointed Hebrew, which leaves no doubt as to pronunciation or morphology. The page on the right is the original Aramaic text, transliterated into Hebrew, and the page on the left is that same text actually translated into Hebrew. As someone who reads the originals every day, both are perfectly rendered.

In particular, for those in the Messianic Jewish (or Nazarene) movements, this book is a must. The idea of the New Testament, like the Torah, being a Semitic based original in Hebrew and/or Aramaic has been gaining strength over the last ten years. Many in these movements are in fact developing this belief actively but do not know where the actual Aramaic texts are, how to read them, or what they really say. This diglot addresses all these issues and the best part is that for the Hebrew reader no additional scholarly burdens are put on them to learn another language or alphabet. I've had talmud scholars look at my copy of it and gasp because they know it is totally different from what they saw as pagan Greek texts that they believe the New Testament to be. The teachings are the same in Greek and Aramaic, but the original Semitic flavor and Jewish roots of those teachings are much more powerfully rendered in the latter, and this diglot, more than any other, is the best place to see that. The translation is very well done, and the side by side approach as a way to check the translator's own skill is not just a humbling approach, but a stunningly accurate one. And for the price, you just can't go wrong. Order it NOW!

This is a review of THIS book:

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