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Question For Akhan Paul (Younan) Or Akhan Yaaqub
My Brothers,

I've been reading Paul's writings in the Book of Romans the last few nights in 'The Way International's Aramaic/English New Testament'.

Last night I read Chapters 6, 7 and 8.

I'm almost afraid to ask this question here because I DON'T want to be considered 'Anti-Law', or Anti-Torah. Which I'm NOT!

And I'm afraid that someone will scream 'Lashon Ha Ra' that I'm saying bad things about Paul (or 'Sha'ul', if you prefer).

My readings seem to indicate that Paul believed that some part (perhaps ALL?) of The Law was done away with when Messiah Yeshua appeared on the scene.

Since both Akhan Paul and Akhan Yaaqub are BOTH Assyrian Church of the East members, I'd like to ask if my readings are how Paul's writings are considered by the Assyrian COE?

Mind you, I'm NOT trying to strike out at The Torah or The Law, personally. I'm simply asking an OPINION about the Apostle Paul's writings.

Thank you for taking the time and energy in answering my question(s) here.

Shlama, Albion
Akhi Albion,

I'll answer your post in a private message, not here please. We don't want any theology debates to flare up.
Shlama Albion,

I agree with what Akhan Paul said - that a private message would be better. But I will say, especially for the benefit of others who may be reading this thread, while I will defend the CoE to my very last breath, I don't speak for the Church of the East because I'm not a cleric or a spokesperson for her. Akhan Paul is a cleric though. All I can offer, which will be in a private message, is a personal opinion through personal study and based on my own traditional upbringing, but it may not necessarily be exactly the same thing that CoE would say today.

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