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Rogation of the Ninevites begins TONIGHT at Sundown

Tonight at Sundown, we ask all the faithful of the CoE wherever you are in the world to observe this fast until we break it on Thursday. Pray in your minds continually, and beseech from our LORD that peace and tranquility abide on the four quarters of the world. Also, please remember the fast requires that no meals of any animal origin (butter, eggs, flesh, etc.) be taken during these days.

Quote:Hear this, all you peoples.

Because of the preaching of the prophet Nineveh was saved through fasting, and through petition and prayer the Angel of Death held back from her. With sorrow and tears of repentance let us seek refuge in the Temple and call mercies to our aid while the light has not yet grown dim.

And he said, Repent, O children of men.

At the preaching of the prophet Nineveh was saved . . . . . .

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit; from everlasting, and for ever and ever. Amen.

Behold, in Holy Scriptures the way is trodden out to the Kingdom, but our mind is distracted by unprofitable vanities; for the riches of this passing world are of no avail for us, only fasting and prayer, by which Nineveh was delivered.

Turn unto us and have mercy upon us.

O God who had pity upon the Ninevites, have pity upon us, and do not turn your countenance away from our evil generation. If you shut your door in the face of sinners, who will there be to go and knock at the door?

You are merciful, O Lord, and righteous.

O God who had pity upon the Ninevites, have pity . . . . . .

Jonah called you from within the fish and you answered him, those of the company of Ananias in the furnace, and you delivered them. The whole creation calls upon you with groaning; have pity upon it and show mercy according to your custom.

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