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A Few Questions
Shlama Friends,

I'm not very technically saavy about computer stuff, and hence, I have some questions as to just how to do things here at

How to you guys make large dark letters? Is that the little box here that says "normal"?

And do you change the font color with the 'font colour' box above?

If I was using Windows, which I used for 5 or 6 years, I know my way around a Windoze computer, but I had to finally get a MacIntosh to stay online........A Mac is A LOT HARDER to hack!

We've only had this Mac for about 8 months now. And the Mac world is WAY different than Windoze!

Anyway, those are my questions, and I appreciate your help!

Shlama, Albion
Yup, should be right above the box where you type the text Akhi....

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