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Isho`Dad of Merv, Commentary on the Scriptures
Another great collection: (English translation) (Original Aramaic Part 1) (Original Aramaic Part 2)
Shlama Akhi Paul,

I downloaded this today and it's awesome!!! I plan to translate some of it out into Spanish and use it in reference and study notes for my Spanish "Santa Peshitta" and Peshitta Polyglot.

Thank you very much!
Yaaqub, Merv in Turkmenistan dude. Look how much we lost after Tamerlane...... <!-- sCry --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cry.gif" alt="Cry" title="Crying" /><!-- sCry -->

Thanks for the offer. The first stage is to do a major update to an older Spanish Bible to make it fall in line completely with Peshitta. The next phase will be to offer a complete translation from the Aramaic rather than an update to the older Spanish text. I'll get back with you once I have more materials on line.

The main reason I'm doing this is because the current printed Peshitta in Spanish has very restrictive copyrights on it, which is fine, but I would like to have a complete Spanish Peshitta with study notes, cross references, historical notes, variances, etc. and offer it free of charge online and eventually have it printed when I'm happy with it. I'll include it in my Peshitta Polyglot eventually.

Rafa Wrote:I loved the title of your translation yaaqub! "Santa Peshitta", much better than just "la sacra peshitta" or something like that which could confuse somebody into thinking it's just "another" liturgical work, nope has to be the "Santa Peshitta". Buena hermano <!-- s:bigups: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/bigups.gif" alt=":bigups:" title="Big Ups" /><!-- s:bigups: --> by the way, Spanish isn't my first or second language, but I could help if you want, needs to be simple stuff because I don't want to make any boneheaded mistakes, pm me if there's a little something you need done.

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