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right to left typing -- Windows XP / Office 2007
Hello folks out there in the forum! Can anyone describe to me how I get my word processor (MS Word 2007 operating in Windows XP) to type right to left? Note: I've already installed the correct Esrtrangela font (which I can type left to right no problem). I've done my best to access MS / Windows help, etc., but still unsuccessful. I appreciate any help.

Regards, JHGUYNN.
bringing back to the top:
anybody? how can I configure right to left typing in Word 2007 (Windows XP)?
Shalom jhguynn,

Maybe no one here is using MS Office 2007 and hence no answers? I am not using Office 2007 but a free Open Office (fairly recent version 2.3). OO has got two nice buttons on the Formatting toolbar with arrows "left to right" and "right to left", and an option CTL (complex text layout) in the Tools-Options-Language Settings. Works great (good enough for me) and is free.

Have you tried following this: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 71033.aspx</a><!-- m --> ? It is for older Word version but I would expect the same in 2007.


BTW, For switching between different keyboard layouts I've started using Tavulesoft's Keyman, it seems to work quite nice (I have to use some external program for that because although I have many languages to switch for input locale in regional settings of me archaic Windows, unfortunately Aramaic is not one of them).

I have, in fact, tried the MS support page you suggested. The tips there do not carry over to Office 2007.

But thanks for the tip re:!

Regards, JHGUYNN.

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