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Font formatting problem, advice please

I'm having a bit of trouble with formatting in both Word and Openoffice when it comes to displaying the Aramaic text of Peshitta. (Screen shot included below)

The problem seems to occur when the text of the verse is longer than the width of the page which causes the chapter/verse numbers to break and appear out of place. I need to create several PDFs and I don't think this formatting is going to be acceptable for publishing. I already set the page to 8.5 x 11

Any advice?

[Image: matti-square-screen.png]
It'll cost you an arm, but hands-down the best document publisher in the world:

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If you could pick up a used copy from eBay or something, that would be ideal.

Thanks Paul. Yeah, that's a bit pricey but it might be worth it. I'll check this out more. Thanks.

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