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A Stupid Question? Latin Or Armenian New Testaments?
Dear Jerzy,

Good to hear from you! I have noticed quite a few places in the NT where the Vulgate agrees with the Peshitta and the Greek texts do not. The Vulgate appears to have been translated either from a different Greek text no longer found, or possibly was compared to The Peshitta and revised according to it in many places.

It seems to be closer to The Peshitta than extant Greek manuscripts, generally.

I have also purchased a book by Dr. Lee Woodard, Kodex W -Old and Holy, in which he presents abundant evidence that Codex Washingtonensis is a first century Greek Uncial Gospels manuscript, dated and signed in many places in very small Herodian Aramaic script. Even the place of writing is written in Aramaic in each of the 4 Gospels. He has photos in the book of every one of these Aramaic inscriptions. It is really impressive! I believe he has found an authorized translation of the original Aramaic Gospels, signed by Matti, Marqus, Luqa & Yokhannan, with Barnabas signing as one of the scribes!

Do a google on the title. Fascinating stuff! There is a web site with the entire codex in photocopy, so you can examine and find the signatures yourself, but you really need to read his book to see how he found what no Greek NT scholar ever saw in this manuscript- the actual dates of the writing of each Greek Gospel, all in the first century, using Roman dates!

One more thing about Codex W. Its Greek text defies all classification. It seems to shift from one text to another to another unpredictably, verse to verse, and departs from all Greek texts in many places, which is exactly how I would describe The Peshitta, from my experience translating it in its entirety.

Burkta w'Shlama,


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