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A Stupid Question? Latin Or Armenian New Testaments?
Dear Enarxe,

Did you read these reviews:

Fills a longstanding void in Catholic Bible studies 25 Feb 2006 (updated 25 Feb 2006)
by jherrick

Any other Bible you may see on the market calling itself "Douay-Rheims" is likely to be not the 16th-century original, but a complete retranslation by Bishop Richard Challoner from the mid-18th century. Dr. von Peters has done a great service to Catholic Bible study by reprinting the authentic Rheims and Douay versions, which are the most accurate translation of the Latin Vulgate ever made and have been unavailable for so long. The last officially published edition of the original three-volume Douay-Rheims Bible was a facsimile reprint by Scolar Press in the mid-1970's. But the most helpful thing Dr. von Peters has done is to modernize the spelling, which was such an obstacle to reading the photoreproductions of the 1582 edition. He has been careful not to change any words or repunctuate the sentences; only the archaic spellings have been revised to make them more legible to the modern reader.
That said, it is not strictly true that nothing like this has ever been done before. In 1833, Jonathan Leavitt republished with modernized spelling the Rheims New Testament, solely as a companion piece to a two-volume tirade against both the Rheims translation and the teachings of the Catholic Church, written in 1589 by the Protestant polemicist William Fulke. Leavitt's edition was unsatisfactory, however, because of its small, cramped typesetting and occasional omissions (not to mention its antagonistic motivation and the fact that it is long out of print anyway). Dr. von Peters' edition is a vast improvement, attractively set on the page and inviting to the eye. [The Douay Old Testament has never been published before with the spelling modernized, and I am looking forward eagerly to the print version of Dr. von Peters' edition of the Douay whenever it is made available.]
Although the misspelling of "Foreword" as "Forward" at the very beginning of this volume may not inspire confidence, I can say thankfully that the sacred text itself has been much more conscientiously rendered. (I would strongly disagree, however, with the substitution of "corruption" for "correption," a Latin cognate meaning "rebuke" or "reproof," in 1 Cor. 10:11.) This New Testament, along with the forthcoming Douay Old Testament, is an essential addition to the library of any English-speaking Catholic who takes the study of Sacred Scripture seriously. The copious commentary of the Rheims Fathers is a wealth of exegesis and apologetics, and the translation's faithfulness to the Vulgate cannot be surpassed.
28 Jan 2006 (updated 28 Jan 2006)

by apologist
This is a very nice New Testament, and in my opinion well worth the price. It would make a great Catholic study Bible.

The Original and True Rheims New Testament of Anno Domini 1582 11 Dec 2005 (updated 13 Dec 2005)
by apologiadefide

I highly recommend this work by Dr. William von Peters. Due to it being out of print, and facsimiles rare, many people for many years have desired to read and study the original, unrevised Douay Rheims Bible. Dr. von Peters has taken the original 423 year old text of the 1582 A.D. Rheims New Testament and completely retyped it in a larger, modern font. He has also updated the archaic word spellings that posed somewhat of an obstacle when reading the older text. I want to make it clear that this is not a revised version of the Rheims New Testament like the Challoner Revision of 1750 or the Confraternity Version of 1941. This is the original, untouched, and ???most literal English translation from the Latin??? 1582 A.D. Rheims New Testament. This volume also contains all of the original notes and annotations that were not retained in the abovementioned revisions. They contain a treasure-trove of commentary and exegesis.
I would also like to praise for fast, quality service. From the time I ordered it to the time it reached my front door, it only took 4 days. The book itself is of high quality, also. Tight, clean pages and sharp, clear print. Thank you, Dr. von Peters and thank you,!
Albion here again.

Otherwise, I'm not qualified to answer any questions about Latin New Testaments.

I do know a little about Aramaic/English translations of the P'shitta N.T., but I know next to nothing about Latin/English New Testaments.

And I do have a copy of the Douay Rheims New Testament. Everywhere the P'shitta N.T.(or the Greek to English N.T.) would use the word 'repent', or 'repentence', the Douay Rheims N.T. use's "Penance"......which I find strange, but I'm not Roman Catholic either.

I mean "repent" is a whole different idea than "penance" (in my mind).

One COULD DO penance, and NOT BE repentent, it seems to me.

But I'm speaking about a New Testament that I don't know, like I know the English translation of the P'shitta N.T.

I hope that this helps you in some way Enarxe.

Shlama, Albion

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