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A Stupid Question? Latin Or Armenian New Testaments?
Dear Jerzy,

Thanks for your post.

I got interested in the Old Latin Version after watching 'The Passion of the Christ' (again) and reading that it's likely that Pontus Pilate became a Believer in Yeshua later in his life.

I don't know if this is true about Pilate or not, but there must have been a Latin version of The New Testament for people like Pilate who spoke and read Latin to learn about Messiah from.

I also learned that the Professor who designed "the Aramaic" for 'The Passion of the Christ' movie "created" his own "Aramaic", supplemented with Hebrew, where the Aramaic word, or words, wasn't known.

I've heard that folks that speak Syriac can actually understand very little of this movies "Aramaic".

Shlama, Albion

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