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The Way International's 3 Volume Aramaic/English Interlinear
Shlama friends,

Here is an address where one can purchase The Way International's 3 volume Aramaic/English Interlinear Peshitta, along with it's companion Concordance and the Dictionary that supplement's the Concordance;

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I got this superb set of material for my birthday.
It's really the Western Harklean P'shitta translation, but it's absolutely the BEST set of Aramaic/English study material's that I've ever used.

On one page of the 3 Vol. New Testament it has the KJV of the New Testament (Which I personally, would have left out.....but The Way Int. must have held this text in very high esteem) on the other half of the page, it has a very literal English translation of the P'shitta NT text.

The facing page has Aramaic Estrangelo text on one line, and the English text of the P'shitta NT underneath it.

It's got a rather unique numbering system telling how to read the English text that corresponds to the Estrangelo. You've really got to see it, to appreciate it's uniqueness!!

These five (5) Volumes cost $115.00, not counting shipping, and they are worth every last cent of that money!!

I have every English/Aramaic Translation of the New Testament in print, and this is my favorite (along with Akhan Paul's Peshitta Interlinear) so far.

And I think that it's the simplest to read of ANY Aramaic/Syriac/English New Testament in print, bar none!

If your looking for a really wonderful gift for someone, you can't go wrong buying this set of books.

Shlama, Albion

I also have TWI's Aramaic research set (Estrangelo Peshitta) which I purchased from the same people who own and operate But hey, where can I purchase Akhan Paul's Peshitta Interlinear (your 'other favorite'?)


Thanks for the review on this particular interlinear.

jhguynn, you can get Paul's interlinear Gospels from at this link

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