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Corinthian poetry?
I have heard that E. W. Bullinger, "Figures of Speech Used in the Bible", noted that I Corinthians 1.23-24, might have read, in Aramaic,
"We preach Christ crucified ('mishkal'). . . a stumbling block ('mikshol'). . . and a foolishness ('sekel'), but unto them that are
called. . . the power ('hishkeel') of God and the wisdom ('sekel') of God."

any comments?
Shlama akhi Judge,

v. 23 , ending :[font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]0twy+$ 0ymr0lw 0ydwhyl 0tlqwt Pyqz[/font]

v. 24, ending:[font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]0hl0d 0tmkxw 0hl0d 0lyx[/font]

"crucified" is "Zqipa" ; "stumbling block" is "Tuqlatha";"foolishness" is "Shatyotha";

"power" is "khayla" ; "wisdom" is "Khekmta"

Bullinger had the right idea about the Aramaic original being poetic; he simply chose the wrong text in which to demonstrate it.
He could have examined the Peshitta text to verify his theory about these verses.

Burktha w'shlama,

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