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Dear all, we must find Peshitta ELSs!
Dear all,

This is Nik from Greece, I am sorry I have not contacted you for some time. Thank you Paul for your warm email, I do like your research and I do believe that you have a point concerning the Peshitta New Testament. If the Peshitta is the original, so be it. I would be grateful if you and all in the forum could spend more time in finding significant ELSs from the Peshitta New Testament. People LOVE these ELSs and there are no significant ELS in the Greek, we need to find these in the Peshitta. I am aware of the two ELSs that Pastor Dave Bauscher has discovered, please keep up the good work as the ELSs will end the discussion once and for all. In addition, could you do in the Peshitta the same research that Prof Rips and Ed Sherman have done for the Old Testament? That would be a huge discovery and would place the Peshitta in a new unprecedented height in the eyes of all. Thank you very much.

Nik Peroulis
Dear Nikolaos,

Please see my web site : <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
I have 84 Divine Name ELS's and two long codes about Jesus Christ. I performed a long experiment and have verified it many times, showing mathematically that The Peshitta is Divinely encoded with God's many names in Hebrew and Aramaic. I also compared the Greek NT , which has no codes.

You will find mountains of evidence on my web site. Bible Code Digest has published very little of my findings in small installments. Next issue should have two more entries.

I am not particularly interested in searching for prophecies in Peshitta codes. I want to focus on the Divine Names, as they are much easier to analyze mathematically and scientifically.They also focus more on the Godhead as the author of the codes and the scriptures.

Thanks for the interest and comments.

Many blessings,

Dave Bauscher
Get my NT translations, books & articles at :
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I also have articles at
Dave bro, I recall the OT ELS experiment about the rabbis... Why not do one on Peshitta for such Peshitta peeps as Lamsa, Younan, Roth and such <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/happy.gif" alt="Big Grin" title="Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin --> Now THAT would be cool And if that doesn't work, how about COE patriarchs???
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