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"Losing Jesus' Language"
You still miss the point Akhi Bar Khela

First of all, the word goes forth from Zion, but I never said it stayed there. There is is one Torah for Jew and for foreigner, so I never said the Torah or the BIble was just for Jews and Christians.And if these are your loving Koranic principles in calling all Zionists evil, then you have either shamed the true Koran or proved it false.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were Semites, hebrews and arameans. And what do I care what Arabic called them 2500 years later? The patriarchs never spoke a word of Arabic, and contrary to your traditon they never set foot in Arabia either. While you are at it, why not explain to me the Bulgarian word for Israel, as if that matters?

As for documenting Islamic cruelty to Jews and Christians, why not read about Tamerlane, and if that is not enough, I'm sure we can give you more. Again, I never said that there were not times of tolerance and cooperation between Jews and Muslims. I have more respect for Arab culture than you can even comprehend. I know that they invented optics, algebra, that they translated Greek and Latin classics into Arabic and saved them from destruction. I appreciate the way the Moors treated my people in Spain and remember what the Catholics did the moment they took over in 1492. I appreciate the relative prosperity my people had under the Turks. You see, I am not hateful to Islam per se.

I only said that you should not have called all Zionists wicked. That was my only point. I never said all Muslims were evil but you said all Zionists were. Now let us take the rest of your junk and expose it:

To say that Paradise is restricted to Jews and Christians is egoism. To say that no true Prophet can arise outside of 'the sacred borders' of Israel is egosim. Your nation was only charged to bear light for all nations, which was the original Torah (no longer in your possession), not to claim a divine right to His Kingdom.

When exactly did I say that? Why don't YOU show me, in MLA style, that quote of mine. You have allowed your prejudice to ASSUME you know what I beleive and put words in my mouth that I never said. I believe in MANY prophets outside of Israel. Here's a few of them:

Luke was from Troas, in Asia Minor (born in Syria). Job was not from Israel but from Uz. Moses was born in Goshen and raised in Egypt and took an African wife. As for Abraham, he was from Ur. What do these people have in common? THEY WERE ALL FROM OUTSIDE OF ISRAEL. I have a book you should read. It's called the Bible.

I just don't believe in YOUR PROPHET, any more than I believe the Messiah was Meir Kahane, who was from Israel or Rabbi Schneerson. And spare me the whole "Torah is edited therefore you should believe in the Koran" stuff. I believe what we have is more than enough, and the rest comes from faith, something you obviously do not understand. Furthemore, Y'shua said that when you hear of a prophet out in the desertn urgin you to follow after him TO IGNORE HIM, or did you miss that one too? I can stand on the Peshitta NT and understand my OT just fine from it alone. I have the greatest Rabbi who ever lived, the Son of YHWH Himself, to teach me, opening me to the Scriptures under the Ruach Ha Kodesh.

So go ahead. Impugn the faith of all Jews and Christians.

And my nation is STILL CHARGED with being a light to all nations even as a Jew named Paul witnessed to those same nations. Messiah was a Jew and he is the light of the world. As long as Y'shua is believed in, Israel is still the source of that light. Always was. Always will be. Don't believe me? Read Romans 11. My people are entrusted with the eternal words of YHWH. We did not lose them.

Now I will tell you what I believe. All people, everywhere, regardless of race, creed, national origin or any other factor, have ONE REDEEMER and ONE MESSIAH. ONE REVELATION FOR ALL MEN, AND LET ME SAY THIS CLEARLY, IT IS NOT THE KORAN. One Torah (and NT) for Jew, Gentile, foreigner, Arab, black, white, green, red. One Path to Life through Maran Eshoa Meshikha, the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF ALAHA, born of a virgin, worker of miracles and risen from the dead on the third day.

So I don't care what you are, where you are from, your culture, your goals, your tastes, your likes and dislikes, all are null and irrelevant. Y'shua is the only way, the only truth, and the only life. Without him all is darkness. Is that clear enough? If it isn't, consider prayerfully that anyone who adds to the Book of Testimony is under a curse (Revelation 22:19). But I have NOT judged you. I do not know how much grace YHWH will show to you and do not assume to know that outcome. But neither will I back away from the true faith. It is the Scripture that fights for me. My only job is to tell you what it says.

I have been firm with you because I have seen so much better from you than this corruption, but I have also acted in your best interest, as a brother, because my Torah commands that I rebuke my brethren strongly when they do what you have done.

You have poorly represented your faith Bar Khela.
Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth

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