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Alep-Tau Name Code-Peshitta Primacy Proof !

Shlama Akha,

I have just posted a sixty page article on Peshitta primacy, based on what I believe is the discovery of the Alep-Tau letter combination in The Peshitta which is translated "Theos" or "Christos" ("God" or "Christ") in 21 Greek references in 13 NT books from Matthew to Revelation.

The Aramaic has no Divine title in those places, except for the Alep Tau code word at the beginning or end of a related noun or verb.
It all started when I was examining 1 & 2 Tim. 3:16, which is where I start the article.

This is not a code like the codes I have written about before. It is a code word found in the plain text of the Peshitta (Alep-Tau) that Zorba The Greek interpreted as such, translating it into Greek as "Theos"-"God".

Check it out at my web site:

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Burkhtha w'shlama,

Get my NT translations, books & articles at :
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I also have articles at

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