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COE and Roman Relations.
In have read through the Synodal Christological Declarations of the COE and am a little confused as to why there was a schism between the Churches after the Council of Ephesus. Upon reading the declarations it seems clear the the COE and the Roman Church have the same Faith. Was misunderstanding due to language an issue? Because in English translation there is no differance between ???the Mother of Christ our God and Savior??? of the COE and "Mother of God and or Mother of Christ" as she is called in the West. It seems the two Churches are infact united in the confession of the same faith in the Son of God who became man so that we might become children of God by his grace.

Can someone explain why the two are not?
Shlama Metal,

The more intelligent people in both camps have always realized that the formulas of the Incarnation were essentially identical. Unfortunately, it was not always they who were in charge.

What really set the two camps apart wasn't the issue over the Incarnation, but the West's insistance that the East condemn Nestorius, Theodore of Mopseustia and Diodore of Tarsus.

By the time the CoE was approached by an ambassador from the Western Church about this issue 75 years after the tragedy of Ephesus, these three people were long dead. And when the CoE was told what they had confessed, they recognized it as Orthodox and refused to condemn them on those charges......and on the ground that these people were dead and couldn't come to their own defense.

It was instantly labeled "Nestorian" (even though Nestorius was a Greek, the Patriarch of Constantinople - and they never even met him!)
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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This has always been a tragic issue....and unfortunately there have been "scholars" in the West who continue to refuse to accept the fact the essentially the faith is the same! Will they ever stop being so judgmental and claiming that the ancient Church is "heretical"??!! The signing of the Common Christological Confession should have shown these "scholars" that their "heresy" charges have been unfounded!

Anyway, that's just my opinion.

God bless,

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