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Herb Jahn's Aramaic New Covenant translation
Does anyone have any experience with Herb Jahn's Aramaic New Covenant translation? I see it listed on the website and I am wondering if it is a worthwhile translation. I have also seen an interlinear Aramaic New Covenant CDROM offered by the same publisher (exeGeses). Any thoughts?

In Messiah,
Hope the following article helps:

george (yo-khan)
Hi Mike, I am a retired IT professional and I have been using the ANC the Exegesis Companion Bible (ECB) for upwards of five (5) years. In both cases I have found the renderings extremely valuable. The ECB I have is in parallel with the KJV which is very helpful in understanding the true meaning of the Elizabethan language of the KJV. For me, the best example was Yah Shua's words on the cross, "It is finished" was in all maximum likelyhood "shelem." For me this shades those last words differently. Also the fact that Messr. Jahn is a completed Jew (... Yah Hudaya) is a great plus. His description of the "holy hunch" is forever engrafted in my soul. Much thanks to Herb Jahn for accepting his commission at age seventy-two (72) and producing both the ANC and ECB.
Hi Wayne, sorry I called you Mike in the last post. I also found that personally, the comparison of the KJV of Hebrews 12:10-14 with the ANC rendering very helpful. Since I am recovering from a massive Hemorrhagic stroke that resulted in a paretic left-side I was looking for encouraging Scriptures. I found the ANC version much stronger that KJV. Hope this helps.
Whoa. Not to derail the thread, but seriously... may God speed your healing.
Thanks for your positive thought! God has sped my healing. I started at zero function on my left-side. According to my neurologist I am now at 4.5 out of 5.0. She considered this as remarkable, as their prognosis was stability at zero-function.

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