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Terrorists target Assyrian Churches in Iraq
I don't think it's necessarily true to say Western Evangelicals "don't support" Eastern Christians in principle. The atrocities against Eastern Christians are generally not publicized primarily due to the fact that Post Modernity thinks it best for Christianity to stay out of Islam, and hence, any aggression against Christianity in Muslim nations are viewed as natural defense mechanisms. Time and Newsweek have both openly mocked Christianity for sending missionaries into Muslim nations. This news is an exception to the rule since it is in correlation with the war.

On the flip side, support for Israel is based on both Zionism and Political agenda. The holy land is full of historical, archeological and academic attractions, while also, there is the unwavering faith in Israel's corporate ethnic salvation. I do believe in both, but not to the "neglection" of other sufferings.

Quote:Many of these folks hardly consider Middle East Christians as actual Christians. Rather, they consider them traditional or nominal Christians in need of "salvation" according to their formulas.
This is true, Dean, but you must remember that we are also anathematized by most of these Ortho-Catholic faiths openly by creed and dogma, not just by generalization.

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