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Terrorists target Assyrian Churches in Iraq
Dan, I completely agree with you.
I think that Assyrians are a nation and think that United NATIONS Organization must include Assyrian nation too.
I admit the possibility of the problem that it was told to the western Christianity that Assyrians are Christians heretics, nestorians (followers of the heretic). In Christian History heretics were disregarded usually. I think that the Roman Pope possibly was interestins in disappearance of this kind of Christianity. I regarded these Christians as heretics until about as I met with and other sources and saw that they are faithful and good Christians. This is my point of view as a western Christian.
Now, the attention of the world is on Iraq and the persecutions of the Christians. And this is good because the people learn the situation.
One can hear a lot about Israel on TV, radio, media and nothing about the essence of the Middle Eastern Christianity. There are many things that we are afraid to talk about but we have to. The open opinions can be considered as insults to some ..., as one of my posts was deleted from this forum.
My opinion is the possibility that the USA invaded Iraq because of many reasons and one of the reasons could be destroying of the totalitarian islam (because it became extremely dangerous to the world ) and installing democracy of the western type. Under this type of democracy the Christianity will be free from persecutions but close to corruption from inside.
God bless the Middle East Christianity in the name of Jesus Christ.

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