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Possible Primacy Proof
Shlama akhi Larry,

The Gospel of Mark chapter 2 is a good example of the way Gaus translates, and what I???m talking about.

1. Verse 5. Everything in this and the previous four verses up to where Jesus is about to speak to the paralytic is in the past tense, but Gaus translates ???And Jesus, seeing their faith, says to the paralyzed man.??? The Peshitta here has said.

2. Verse 8. Here again where the Peshitta has ???he said to them,??? Gaus has ???says to them.???

3. Verse 14. Again all the narrative between this and the last citation is in the past tense, but when Jesus sees Levi, Gaus translates: ???and he says to him,??? while the Peshitta has ???he said to him."

4. Verse 17. Again, the intervening narrative is in the past tense, but when Jesus is about to speak, Gaus writes ???says to them,??? where the Peshitta again has ???said to them.???

These are just a few of the many instances where Gaus interrupts the flow of a past tense narrative with ???he says,??? instead of the ???he said??? in the Peshitta. Is Gaus making this up? Or is there at least one version of the Greek New Testament that also does this?

John Marucci

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