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Beel-zebub has an Arabic connection ?!?
Shlama Akhay,

There was a time when the ancient world was being inundated with fire-worship and serpent-worship. Keeping this serpent-worship, that was extremely rampant, firmly in mind, let's explore the term 'Beel-zebub' from another perspective. The link to the woodcut, Figure 59 below, will help you to visualize AND understand what's going on here. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

********** Quoting from 'The Two Babylons' ****
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We have seen already that it is admitted by the author of Pompeii, that the serpents in the under compartment are only another way of exhibiting the dark divinities represented in the upper compartment. Let the same principle be admitted here, and it follows that the swallows, or birds pursuing the flies, represent the same thing as the serpents do below. But the serpent, of which there is a double representation, is unquestionably the serpent of Aesculapius. The fly-destroying swallow, therefore, must represent the same divinity. Now, every one knows what was the name by which "the Lord of the fly," or fly-destroying god of the Oriental world was called. It was Beel-zebub. This name, as signifying "Lord of the Fly," to the profane meant only the power that destroyed the swarms of flies when these became, as they often did in hot countries, a source of torment to the people whom they invaded. But this name, as identified with the serpent, clearly reveals itself as one of the distinctive names of Satan. And how appropriate is this name, when its mystic or esoteric meaning is penetrated. What is the real meaning of this familiar name? Baal-zebub just means "The restless Lord," * even that unhappy one who "goeth to and fro in the earth, and walketh up and down in it," who "goeth through dry places seeking rest, and finding none." From all this, the inference is unavoidable that Satan, in his own proper name, must have been the great god of their secret and mysterious worship, and this accounts for the extraordinary mystery observed on the subject. **

* See CLAVIS STOCKII, "Zebub," where it is stated that the word zebub, as applied to the fly, comes from an Arabic root, which signifies to move from place to place, as flies do, without settling anywhere. Baal-zebub, therefore, in its secret meaning, signifies, "Lord of restless and unsettled motion."

** I find Lactantius was led to the conclusion that the Aesculapian servant was the express symbol of Satan, for, giving an account of the bringing of the Epidaurian snake to Rome, he says: "Thither [i.e., to Rome] the Demoniarches [or Prince of the Devils] in his own proper shape, without disguise, was brought; for those who were sent on that business brought back with them a dragon of amazing size."
********* End of quote ************

Hmmm... Demoniarches = Prince of the Devils !!
From what I can remember that's exactly how 'Beel-zebub' is rendered in some of the footnotes of some Bibles! Sounds like the Gospels to me..."He casts out devils by the Prince of the Devils"-(Matt. 9:34)
To better appreciate those fly-consuming swallows (hence 'Lord of the Fly') of figure 59 above, and the serpents below (Epidaurian snake=Demoniarches=Prince of the Devils), one must acknowledge the fact that the representation of symbols in the Chaldean Mysteries had two interpretations-- one for the 'Initiate' and one for the 'Profane Vulgar.' The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, etc., followed suit acccordingly with their secret mystery rites. After all, they didn't want the non-Pagan general public to know too much, now would they? <!-- sConfusedneaky: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/sneaky1.gif" alt="Confusedneaky:" title="Sneaky" /><!-- sConfusedneaky: -->

Any thoughts?

Shlama w'Burkate, Larry Kelsey

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